Yoga And Panchkarma
Yoga an Ideal Way to Stop Smoking
Yoga can help in stoping smoking. It helps to strengthen the will power of individuals which is helpful to reduce the urge to smoke. However donít expect any miracle; it helps to kick the bad habit but practicing yoga on regular basis has several other health benefits also as it relaxes the body muscles.

Rita G Chauhan
One of my friends, Samita, shares that her husband was a smoker. But he was forced by her to join yoga classes. After one month of joining the yoga class he felt that whenever he started smoking his body would give him a negative response which made him ready to quit smoking by choice or body demand. However he had no intention of quitting smoking before going to the yoga classes but now he feels very happy. No doubt it takes sometime to get rid of this bad habit but one can practice a few yoga postures to stop smoking and get good health.
How Yoga help to quit smoking
  • Regular practice of yoga makes one conscious about his health and it directs him to quit smoking.
  • Yoga forms confidence that acts as base for will which is required to quit smoking.
  • It de-stresses oneís mind and brings about stability in psychology and emotions to quit smoking.
  • Yoga is very effective in handling the withdrawal symptoms owing to nicotine addiction.
  • The breathing exercises of yoga resist craving for nicotine.
  • You can quit smoking through yoga without weight gain and any other side effects.
Yogic practices
Jala Neti, one of the important yoga cleansing practices works wonders for those who want to quit smoking. This technique affects at both physical and psychological levels. It effectively works on the physical as well as the psychological levels.

Pranayama or regulated breathing techniques can help to quit smoking because they help relax better than smoking.

Mechanism of Yoga Asanas
Back bending exercises which expands the lungs and open up the heart area effectively help to give up smoking. Following yoga poses works wonders on giving up the smoking.

Ustrasana (Camel pose)
Take the arms behind you by placing the hands on the feet. Raise the tops of the feet off the mat and come on to the ball points of the toes for less strain on your lower back. Pull the navel both up and back to reduce the strain on the discs in the lower back. Push the pelvis forward and rise upwards with the navel and chest.

Dhanurasana (Bow pose)
Lie flat on the floor and relax. Bend your legs backward and grasp the ankles firmly with your hands. Raise your chin and then bend your head and neck backwards. The chest should still be touching the ground. Balance your body on the navel region. Pull your legs and arms arching your body as much as possible. Holding your breath maintain this posture until you feel the strain in your back. Start exhaling slowly and gradually return to the starting position. This will works wonders on giving up the habit.

Sukhasana brings the mind and body into a harmonious state. Sukhasana, the Easy Pose is the easiest of all the asanas. It is also suitable for older people or too stiff to be able to perform the other asanas. Sit down on the mat. Cross your legs, placing your feet below your knees. Clasp your hands around your knees. Just keep your head and body straight.

Savasana (corpse pose)
Savasana relaxes the body and the mind. This pose prepares one for meditation which can effectively check thought patterns connected to smoking. It is important in mental and physical healing. Lie flat on your back with your legs together and closed eyes. Relaxed and breathe deeply with attention to each part of your body.

Standing Backbend (Anyvittasana)
Stand in mountain pose with equal distribution of weight on both feet. Inhale your arms up and relax your shoulders away from your ears. Push hips forward and gently start bending back from torso. Keep gaze forward unless comfortable looking up.