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Scientific Evidence of Ayurveda Must Be Documented to Compete With Modern Medicines: MVS Valiathan

Famous Indian cardiac surgeon Marthanda Varma Sankaran Valiathan told that the scientific evidence of the Ayurvedic treatment is a must to compete with modern medicines and acceptance of Ayurveda. As ayurvedic treatment is getting popular day by day because of its healing powers across the globe, scientific documented proofs are a must for it to sustain and compete with modern medicines. In many cases, ayurvedic treatment has shown marvellous results in deadly diseases like cancers and other ailments with least side effects. But the lack of scientific evidence with documented data is blocking it to get the position it deserves. To uncover the hidden secrets of ayurvedic treatment and its healing powers, doctors and researchers must work together and document all scientific evidences.

Many scientists in America and Europe have already shown keen interest to work in collaboration with doctors practising Ayurveda but their Indian counterparts have not shown any interest.

With cancer turning into a major killer, there is a strong need for research on the age-old medicine and find cures which would save thousands of people from severe radiation, he said.

In an interview Prof. Valiathan, had said Ayurveda is not only the mother of medicine but also of all life sciences in India. In spite of it, the science has been completely divorced from Ayurveda. But these are the interdisciplinary areas where advances will take place.

"We require Ayurveda professionals to give up age-old norms and accept the treatment that is scientifically documented, researched and accepted. Only then will it become a model treatment," he said. Professor MVS Valiathan is an Indian cardiac surgeon. He grew his interest in Ayurveda as its healing powers had no side effects. He has been awarded Padma Vibhushan in the year 2005 for his exemplary contributions in the field of Medicine. He is a former president of the Indian National Science Academy and contributed to the development of medical technology in India. Currently he is a National Research Professor for the Government of India who is pioneering scientific studies in "Ayurveda" and has authored several books on the subject. (c) Where to buy Viagra: Where to buy Viagra online?