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The Demand of Cow Urine on Rise


The Demand for 'Gomutra Arka', a medicine distilled out of cow urine, is on the rise in Manglore, India. This special ark is manufactured on the outskirts of the city and around 10 litres is supplied daily. Even educated people are using this Ayurvedic preparation regularly to prevent diseases.

Govanithashraya Trust manufactures prepare this geometries Arka at the goshala (cow shelter) in Beejaguri at Pajeer, 26 km from the city. Santhosh Kumar, the Goshala incharge, told TOI that they have plans to expand the manufacturing unit as the demand for gomutra arka is increasing rapidly.

More than 300 breeds of cows are present in the goshala. If consumed regularly as per the prescribed dosage gomutra arka is effective in treating 109 types of diseases. It increases immunity, life span and purifies the blood, lowers the cholesterol and checks obesity. It is also effective in skin ailments, acidity, renal disorders and other diseases. If you want buy Viagra online, go to this site. Where to buy Viagra online? Cow urine collected from local breeds like malenadu gidda, hallikaru and kankrej are used to make arka. "An average of 10 litres of Arka is sold at our outlet in the city. There are other manufacturers, who also market Arka in the city,"Santosh Kumar said.

Santhosh underwent training in making organic products from panchgavyas (cow urine, cow dung, milk, ghee and curd) at a goshala in Devarapur in Nagpur. He makes medicines like gomootra arka, ghanvati, harde churna, kala taila, madhu meha churna, padasputana, goumaya taila, soundarya face pack, tooth powder, Kapila bath soap and many other items using panchagavyas and medicinal herbs at the goshala. The products made at the goshala are sold through an outlet in the city.