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Modi Shows His Devotion to With Ayurveda At SRCC

New Delhi

During his addressing at Sri Ram College of Commerce, SRCC in the capital, Modi touched all the issues, which were related to his good governance to Gujarat and future of the country relating to youth. However he also discussed about the future of Ayurveda in brief during his speech.

According to sources, Modi compared the flourishment of Ayurveda in India and China in many aspects. He said that China exports most of the herbal medicines but India is unable to do so only due to lack of expertise and development.
He also explained that India has the ancient history of Ayurveda but still due to lack of research and ignorance of packaging and branding our people are far behind. He said that the improved way of presenting medicines, researching scientifically and educating people can only enhance the Ayurveda in the country.