About Us
3M Advertisers & Publishers Limited is one of the Leading Publication houses in North India, we deal in Publication , Education and Information Technology : Ayurvedic Drug Index (ADI) is an effort made to compile the proprietary and patented medicines in Ayurvedic Drug Industry. The purpose of the publication is to popularize Ayurveda and is valuable for practitioners of Ayurveda, drug manufactures teaching professionals, herbal chemists and people involved in cultivation of medicinal plants.

Ayurvedic Drug Index is the first ever Herbal drug information source. ADI is a unique and complete source of information for Herbal and Ayurvedic industry. It covers major Herbal formulations with detailed description about brands, manufacturing companies, composition, dose and price information of herbal formulations. In addition, it also covers phytochemicals, monographs of medicinal plants, up coming Ayurvedic events, MCQ's , FAQ's on Alternative Medicine, list of colleges, hospitals and list of manufacturers of herbal extracts and phytochemicals.